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Instant Details

The Instant Details pop-up displays more information about the word, link, or place currently magnified (selected). To learn more about the Instant Details, read this topic in the Mac Help.

A long tap on a word or reference, or a short tap on a link in a Tool opens the Instant Details pop-up. Information displayed in the Instant Details depends on the selection and whether the resource is a Text or a Tool.

Instant Details for Texts without Key Numbers

Instant Details for Texts with Key Numbers

For Texts with Key Numbers (such as the ESVi and KJVS) the Instant Details display:

  • The selected word
  • The Key number (such as Strong's)
  • The dictionary form of the word in the original language
  • Search and Amplify options.
  • Tap Search to search for the Word or Key Number in the text.
  • Tap Amplify to search for Word (in the default English Tool), Key Number (in the default original language dictionary) or Lexeme (in the default lexicon).
  • If a grammatically tagged text is installed, the inflected form, parsing, gloss and syntax described below also appear.
  • The entry for that Key number from the related dictionary.

Instant Details for Grammatically Tagged Texts

For Grammatically Tagged Texts such as the Hebrew Bible and Greek New Testament, the Instant Details display:

  • the word as it appears in the Text (inflected form)
  • the dictionary form (lemma or lexical)
  • the root where applicable (in parentheses)
  • the part of speech and full parsing of the word, such as Noun masc plur gen
  • an English gloss which is a basic definition
  • the entry for that word in the default lexicon for that language (that has that word).

Words with No Tagging

The Instant Details displays the Search and Amplify options.

  • Tap Search to find all instances of the selected word in the Text.
  • Tap Amplify to find its definition in the default Dictionary.

Bible Verse Reference in a Tool
  • The Instant Details displays the text of the default Bible selected in the Hypertext area of the Tool Display settings.
  • Tap the Go link in the Instant details to open the selected reference in the default Bible.

Internal Link in a Tool

The information in the link. Tap Go to go to the linked information.

Note: A link from a tool to another module amplifies to that module.

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Some graphics may differ from your App. Functionality described is the same.

August, 2019

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