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Links in Tools

In Accordance, Tools are the books you can add to help study the Bible, or which you just want to read. When you select a Tool from the Library, it opens at the beginning of the book.

A special feature of Tool modules is the links which display additional information.

Links (General)
  • Tap a simple internal link to jump to another part of the Tool.
  • Tap a footnote or abbreviation to jump to that location.
  • Tap the Android interface Back arrow at the bottom to retrace your steps within the Tool.
Scripture Links

Tap a scripture link to display the Instant Details pop-up displaying those verses in your top Bible, or the second Bible if the verses are missing from the top one.

Close the pop-up by tapping outside it.

Picture Links

Pictures in Tools appear as thumbnails within the text. If there is no thumbnail, a picture icon appears in its place.

  • Tap the thumbnail or picture icon to see the image in Picture View (the full screen view of the image). The status bar and top Accordance bar disappear; if there is no black frame, you can tap to restore display of the status bar.
  • Tap the Android Back arrow to return to the previous view.
Links in the Additional Pane

A Reference Tool in an additional pane with Bible text lets you view the scripture and picture links in the pop-up as well as follow the links.

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Some graphics may differ from your App. Functionality described is the same.

August, 2019

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