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Library View

Library View provides access to all installed Text and Tool resources on your mobile device, as well as other program features. On the bottom left of the Main View, tap the Library button () to open Library View.

Library View initially displays Recently Opened modules (a history of all recently opened modules on your device). Tap Library on the top left to display a list of all Library categories.

Tap a category or Recently Opened to view the available modules or your viewed modules history.

Accordance remembers the search state, the location, and additional pane for any module opened during a session. This way you can go to another module, perform searches, and then return to an earlier module without losing your place.

Library Categories

Modules in the Library are sorted into different sections or categories, in order to locate specific modules easily. Each category has a unique icon, and each module type is identified with its respective category icon.

  • Recently Opened: This category appears at the top of the Library after two modules have been opened, and stores up to 100 names. To remove all items from the list, click Clear.

  • Texts: Bibles and other ancient texts and translations
  • Devotionals: Organized by calendar and available in the Devotional View; these also appear as General tools for searching and browsing
  • English Tools: Dictionaries and other works organized alphabetically
  • Greek Tools: Dictionaries and lexicons organized alphabetically
  • Hebrew Tools: Dictionaries and lexicons organized alphabetically
  • Reference Tools: Notes, cross references and commentaries arranged according to the books of the Bible
  • General Tools: Books arranged conventionally by chapter
  • My Tools: General Tools created on the desktop version of Accordance, which are read-only in Accordance Mobile
  • My Notes: Your notes on specific verses which can be created and edited and synced between the Mac and device operating system versions, or synced with Dropbox

    My Bookmarks: A list of bookmarks applied to all resources on your device

Searching the Library

Enter the beginning letters of the name to find a specific module. When categories are displayed, all categories are searched. Inside of a category, only that category is searched.

Arranging the Library
  • Tap a category, such as Greek Tools. All available Greek Tool modules are displayed.
  • Tap Edit (top right) to switch to edit mode. Icons appear to the right and left of the module names.
  • Tap and hold the List button () to the right of a module to drag it to another position in the same category.

  • Tap the Red minus button () to reveal the Delete button. You can also swipe a module in the main Library View to reveal the Delete button.

    Note: You cannot delete a module if it is displayed in a view or additional pane.

    Deleting a module removes it from the device to free up space. You can always reinstall the module.

The Top and Bottom Bars
  • Store (top right): Tap Store to open the Accordance store listing the most commonly desired items available for purchase in-app. You can quickly visit our main store and view the full range of available items via your device browser by clicking the link that appears at the bottom of each topic.
  • Tap the Easy Install button () to view and select modules for downloading modules via Easy install and Updates.
  • Tap the Sync button () to link with Accordance Bible Software on your Mac. You can transfer modules to Accordance Mobile and sync your User Notes, User Tools, and Highlight files. If Sync with Dropbox has been setup, tapping this button gives you the option of syncing to your Mac or Dropbox account.
  • Tap the Settings button () to open the preferences and/or log in to your online account.
  • Tap the Help button () to open this Help.
Category Icons in the Library

The table below shows the category icons used in the Library and the category/content type they represent.

Icon Category/Module Type
Recently Opened modules: This icon identifies the category, each module in the category has an icon relating to its specific default category. Recently Opened
Devotionals: Modules and Category Devotionals
English Tools: Modules and Category English Tools
Greek Tools: Modules and Categories Greek Tools
Hebrew Tools: Modules and Categories Hebrew Tools
Reference Tools: Modules and Categories Reference Tools
General Tools: Modules and Categories General Tools
My Tools: Modules and Categories My Tools
My Notes: Modules and Categories My Notes
My Bookmarks: Modules and Categories My Bookmarks

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Some graphics may differ from your App. Functionality described is the same.

December, 2017

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