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Using Links for Common Tasks

You can automate commonly repeated actions, such as a complex search, or opening a specific Workspace with a specific search, using URL links. Instead of the more common http:// prefix (used to identify a web address), the prefix accord:// points the link to Accordance Bible Software on the person's computer.

By creating these Accordance-specific URLs, you can not only automate complex search or open tasks, but share that information with other people who work with Accordance Bible Software. That sharing can be in your blog, by email, or via social media such as Twitter or Facebook.


The person clicking on an Accordance-specific link (URL) must have Accordance Bible Software installed on their computer. In addition, if the link refers to a specific moduleAny Bible text, or other single tool that can be read in Accordance, including reference texts and articles; may also be referred to as content or resource, it must also be installed.

Put simply, you can create links directly to Accordance.

The structure of Accordance-specific links is:


The ability to manually create Accordance-specific links provides powerful ways to access the desired information.

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You are here: Digging Deeper > Using Links for Common Tasks