Easy Install and Updates

Tip: If you have Accordance 9.3 or higher installed on a Mac, it is easier and faster to sync your modules between the two programs. These instructions are for those who do not have Accordance 9.3 or higher.

  1. Go to Library View.
  2. At the bottom left of the Library, tap the Easy Install button (). The app accesses your online account and by default lists all your purchases. A message box appears until the purchases are displayed.
  3. Tap Updates (, bottom right) to display already installed items for which downloadable updates are available.
  4. Tap Purchases ( , bottom left) to return to the list of purchased items.

    Note: You cannot download purchased items and updated items at the same time. If you want to download both purchased items and updated items, first work from one set of items, download them, then switch to the screen with the other items and download them.

    Tap the items you want to install on either the list of purchases or the list of updated available items.

    You can also search for specific items. To do so, tap in the Search box at the top of the view and begin typing the author's name or the title of the desired module. All relevant content that you have purchased is displayed. You can then tap these items and install them.

  5. Tap Download (, top left) to download and install the selected items. You can also select or deselect all items by tapping Select All (Download all button used to download all available modules via Easy Install, without having to select the items) or Deselect All ().

  6. Note: The following items are NOT supported by Accordance for iOS: Atlas or backgrounds, Timeline, and parallel databases. Please do not select these for download even if they appear on the list.

    A message appears advising that a download is in progress. A progress bar indicator is displayed along with the combined file size of the downloading files

  7. Wait for the message to disappear. If desired, tap Cancel Easy Install to cancel the download. When the download is complete the list refreshes to confirm that the chosen downloads no longer appear, and to allow selection of additional items.
  8. When finished downloading items, tap Done (top right) to return to the Library view.
  9. Note: Please be patient. If you switch to another app during the download, the download is canceled.

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