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Search Tool Modules

When first opened the Tool content is in Main View for general reading. Tap the Search button () in the top bar to open the Search panel. You can perform a simple search, or a more complex search by adding search symbols and commands to the search argument, to further define the search.

Search a Tool: Step-by-Step
  1. Tap the Search button () to open the Search panel.
  2. Tap the resource selector (button, top left, with the Tool label, such as Easton) to select a different Tool to search.
  3. Tap the desired search field, for example, Titles.
  4. A "field" in a tool is defined as a type of information, analogous to a field in a database. The names and number of the fields depend on the particular tool.
  5. For example, in Easton's Bible Dictionary, Entry refers to the indexed words which head each article, Contents to the article itself, and Scripture to the scripture references defined within the article. When you search the tool directly, Accordance searches the selected field for your search argument.
  6. When searching a Reference or Scripture field, Accordance finds any references which include the specified reference. Add an equal sign (=) before the reference to narrow the results to the exact reference.

Note: The Field can also be changed by tapping the Field Selector button () immediately to the right of the Search Entry box.

  1. In the Search Entry box, use the keyboard to enter the verse reference, word, or phrase that you want to find.

    You can also use copy/paste to copy a word or phrase and paste it in the Search Entry box.

  2. Tap Commands to add a search command to your search argument.
  3. If desired, tap Options to choose a Flex search.
  1. Tap Search on the keyboard to perform the search.
  2. Tap the Android back button () or the text in the background to return to the previous view.

Note: Tap the Clear Search button () to clear the search entry and retain the search field. Long press the Clear Search button to clear the search entry and reset the search field to the top level field.

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August, 2019

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