New in Accordance for iOS, Version 3


Version 3.4.3 (

Various improvements to Easy Install and In-App Purchasing workflows:

  • Incomplete/missing progress views when downloading/installing modules.
  • Updated security for the In-App Purchasing server communications.
  • Multiple issues with Restoring In-App purchases on a new device.
  • Other fixes for multiple In-App purchases, handling errors, and Accordance account authorization.

Version 3.4.2 (


  • Refactored Accordance Account processes:
  • logout / keychain management
  • authorization / account creation.
  • Images in a Tool will now be scaled down when the pane narrows instead of having the edge cut off.
  • For the ‘Single Tap for Details’ option, improved determination of “white space”. Previously, it was difficult to find a tap point to toggle the menu bars for various RTL Texts, Interlinear, verse layout cases, etc.

Miscellaneous Display Fixes

  • Text section headings could be inserted before the wrong paragraph (e.g. Neh 1:1 LSB).
  • Display of verses with poetic style.

Tool Image Layout Fixes

  • An extra line break was inserted before an image if the pane was narrow.
  • A centered image would be left justified if image display was set to very large.
  • An image in a table would not respect center justification in some cases.

Interlinear Fixes

  • Secondary pane Text would not properly recall Interlinear settings.
  • Highlight style rendering issue when showing Interlinear.
  • Allow Arabic and perhaps other texts with Strong’s number to be added to the Interlinear text.
  • Verify that non-biblical corpuses such as Athenasius no longer appear in the Interlinear pull-down menu items.

Miscellaneous Fixes

  • An issue that prevented newly installed Texts from being available for certain Settings choices (e.g. Settings > Instant Details > Source Texts)
  • Custom URLs would not work properly with certain module names.
  • If Accordance could not find a module when tapping a Custom URL then certain module characters were garbled in the error alert.

Version 3.4.1 (

Easy Install Fixes

  • Refactored processes:
  • handling account password changes
  • account logout / keychain management:
  • account status / error alert handling
  • Reduced the cache lifetime for the owned items list.
  • Atlas backgrounds were showing up in Easy Install.
  • Improved Unicode username and password handling.
  • Crash that could occur after changing passwords.

Miscellaneous Fixes

  • Restored the key command shortcut for "Open Search" (Tab) on iOS15+.
  • Possible iAccord Library corruption when moving modules to other folders.
  • Improved Custom URL support for the '+' character when used for a space in scripture references searches (e.g. ReadingPlan app) and when used for a root word search.
  • Certain views had navigation bars with transparent backgrounds (e.g. Account Settings, Help).
  • The Account Info view layout was not properly constrained to the "safe area" on all devices.
  • The Edit User Note view could have an odd background color.

Version 3.4.0 (

What's new

Version 3.4 is built with the same code base as Accordance v14 for the desktop and will support:

  • Unicode User Tools from v14 (Need to sync with 14.0.5)
  • Refactored Networking code
  • Updated Display Preferences (was reorganized internally in v14)


  • A Delete Account button was added to Settings > Account that brings up a web view of the Voluntary Account Deletion Request form.
  • Updated German and Portuguese Localization


  • Restored ability to navigate to the last hit by using GoTo entry with a verse/book beyond the range of the hits.
  • When amplifying to a Unicode Tool, the initial Search Label Text would be garbled.
  • Transparent Top Toolbar in User Note view.
  • Certain words would cause a crash when gathering Instant Details with a Unicode Tool as the default Dictionary/Lexicon.
  • Added crash tracking for some of the top crash reports.

Version 3.3

  • Includes support for Unicode Tools.
  • Includes support for updated Letters search in Hebrew Texts.
  • Includes support for Section Headings search in Texts and Tools with Section Headings.
  • Added Text Display options to Show/Hide Book Titles and Section Headings.
  • Added “Override Key Number Dictionaries” Amplify setting
  • Added the option to display Instant Details with a single tap on a word in a Text module.
  • The [Style *] command is now supported in Tools.
  • Minimum System version is now iOS11 and only ARM64 architectures are supported.
  • Bug Fixes.
  • Updated Help files.

Version 3.2

  • Main Settings View
  • Added a new General settings page with many of the prior main page settings.
  • Moved the Amplify and Citation preferences to their own sub-sections.
  • Moved the Instant Details Font Size and Source Text settings to an Instant Details sub area.
  • Renamed the Fonts Settings to "Appearance" and moved "Match System Dark Mode" here.
  • In Appearance, added "Use European Notation" and "Use SBL Abbreviations".
  • Tool Settings View
  • Added setting to hide page numbers in Tool Defaults.
  • Text Settings View
  • Added sub-sections for Contents, References, Layout, Search Settings, and Advanced.
  • Moved Interlinear options to the Layout section of the Text Defaults.
  • In the "Advanced" section of the Text Default settings, added "Hide spaces", full Reference format, "Abbreviate Book Name", "Include Text Abbreviation", "Use Decimal verse divider", and "Use English book names".
  • Export and Citation Settings Views
  • Significantly expanded the Citation Settings options, now including the vast majority of desktop citation customizations.
  • Added new Export Settings view that includes a variety of preferences, including default font, color, URL style, etc.
  • Added support for conditionally showing/hiding the optional Export options, such as the "Default Font" option depending whether "Use Default Font" is selected.
  • User Notes Settings View
  • Moved the settings option "Create User Notes File" to a button at the bottom of the User Notes library section.
  • Moved the settings option "Link to Dropbox" to the General Sync section.
  • The Notes Settings view will now hide the Editor settings as these options are global, not pane specific.
  • Picture size has been added to User Notes settings. It has also been added to the Quick Settings button ().
  • Other Changes
  • Changed all settings to act "live", immediately causing their change, without the use of a "Save" or "Cancel" button.
  • Dark Mode colors are now customizable and are saved to the preferences.
  • Added support for searching all preferences:
  • Search bar is accessible by pulling down on the main settings page.
  • Selecting a search result navigates to that view, scrolling as needed, opening up parent hierarchy as needed.
  • Bug Fixes.
  • Updated Help files.


Version 3.2.8

  • Bug fixes.
  • Updated Help files.

Version 3.2.7

  • Bug fixes.
  • Updated Help files.

Version 3.2.6

  • Bug fixes.
  • Updated Help files.

Version 3.2.5

  • Bug fixes.
  • Updated Help files.

Version 3.2.4

  • Bug fixes.
  • Updated Help files.

Version 3.2.3

  • Bug fixes.
  • Updated Help files.

Version 3.2.2

  • Bug fixes.
  • Updated Help files.

Version 3.2.1

  • Bug fixes.
  • Updated Help files.

Version 3.1.2

  • Added missing entitlement needed to load custom fonts.
  • Changed Tool View’s word group list title to "Field" instead of "Search".
  • Bug fixes.
  • Updated Help files.

Version 3.1.1

  • For iOS 13.0+ devices, changed all font selection to use the new system font picker.
  • Added support for changing the fonts used throughout the User Interface.
  • Added support for showing the relevant syntax tags in the Tags list, below the grammatical tags.
  • Texts and Notes are not limited to the same corpus when in a secondary pane.
  • Returning from a Picture view now updates the Tool to the current picture location. This is done by scrolling to the current location, rather than the cached original.
  • Added support for displaying the alt verse reference Text for scripture lookup in User Notes’ external scripture links, and in Papers.
  • Added new key commands:
  • Ctrl-Shift-X: Toggle visibility of secondary pane.
  • Cmd-C: Copy selected text.
  • Ctrl-Shift-T: Change parallel pane to the first Text.
  • Ctrl-Shift-O: Change parallel pane to the first Tool.
  • Ctrl-Shift-N: Change parallel pane to the first Note.
  • Bug Fixes
  • Updated Help files.

Version 3.1

  • Visual Improvements
  • Changed interface fonts throughout for a fresh, modern look.
  • The navigation bar and toolbars are now system themed. This fixes day/night transitions and confirms a consistent look when combined with the status bar.
  • The top and bottom toolbar now stays a default gray, rather than tinting to the pane.
  • Adjusted panes to display more real estate, bringing 25 pixels more reading area per pane.
  • Added a preference for whether or not pages go under the top and bottom toolbars (for maximum screen space) or not (for readability while interface is visible).
  • Instant Details Improvements
  • A simple tap on a footnote or verse reference in a text view will now display Instant Details or the Verse Action menu (instead of a long tap).
  • Instant Details links:
  • Opens a new amplified view containing the selected verses, article, or search.
  • Certain abbreviation links will instead open in a secondary Instant Details.
  • Visual upgrades:
  • An "Analytics" heading has been added to the Word Info statistics in the Instant Details pop-up.
  • The Instant Details word counts (under the Analytics heading in the Instant Details pop-up) now link to that search.
  • For Tool and User Notes Instant Details, if the alternate hypertext is different from the primary, and both can display the verse, Accordance will show both in the Instant Details.
  • Added a new "Context" option when tapping on verse links in a Tool, which opens a new pane displaying the verse(s) in context.
  •  The "Amplify" action (to Tools) and "Amplify"/"Context" action (to Texts) will update the contents of the second pane instead of opening a new view, if the panes are unlinked and the module in the second pane is the same resource being amplified to.
  • iPad Support
  • Improved text selection interaction:
  • Simple dragging does exact character selection of text.
  • Hovering over hyperlinks, footnotes, and verse references changes to a highlight effect for the link area.
  • Added pointer interactions for Buttons that needed it.
  • Added custom interaction for the splitter view.
  • Added the Font and Link icons to the top right side of the edit text keyboard on an iPad.
  • Changes
  • Page Turning:
  • Now supports multiple columns of text for wider panes, based on the size of the text relative to the screen.
  • When a Text is displayed in the first pane, any Tool can now be displayed in a secondary pane, not just Reference Tools.
  • Active Highlight menu
  • Selecting a color will enable active highlighting if it is not currently enabled.
  • Added a cancel button to disable active highlighting.
  • Texts can now be searched using the TEXT command.
  • Added a new iOS 13.0+ display preference, “Match System Dark Mode”.
  • The Current Folder header now includes a ‘Hide’ option for quick access to other tool folders, needed if there are many items in that folder.
  • Add Mouseover Highlighting between tagged Texts.
  • Added the ability to amplify by triple-tapping on a word in a Text. This also supports modifier keys.
  • Bug Fixes.
  • Updated Help files.

Version 3.0.10

  • Bug fixes.
  • Updated Help files.

Version 3.09

  • Added the ability to change the displayed Text by tapping the name of an amplified or searched text.
  • Added 3D Touch support to every location where long press gestures are currently supported.
  • Taptic/Haptic Feedback Support:
  • For iPhone 6s devices, which have the Taptic Engine, vibrations are generated through the system.
  • Newer devices will support Haptic Feedback if available. Currently, feedback is generated for notification events (successes, failures, and warnings).
  • Expanded Dark mode support.
  • Active Highlighting Interaction:
  • The tap and long/deep press functions have been switched. Now a tap on the button will display a menu of recently used highlight styles and a tap and hold is now required to change the Active Highlighting mode.
  • Enhanced the ability to bring up Instant Details with Active Highlighting turned on.
  • The following keyboard functionality has been added for devices with external keyboards:
  • In the User Notes editor, +X can be used to cut, +C to copy, and +V to paste.
  • The left (←) and right (→) arrow keys can be used to move to adjacent pages in any Tool when Page Turning is turned on.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Updated Help files.

Version 3.08

  • Bug fixes.
  • Updated Help files.

Version 3.07

  • Added 3D Touch support.
  • Highlight files included with specific modules (Understanding NT Greek, for example) are automatically downloaded via Easy Install.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Updated Help files.

Version 3.06


Version 3.05

  • Bug fixes.
  • Updated Help files.


Version 3.04

  • Bug fixes.
  • Updated Help files.


Version 3.03


Version 3.02

  • "Copy" has been added to the Instant Details menu.
  • Original language font options are available in Settings View for display in User Notes.
  • A Copy As URL button has been added to the Search View.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Updated Help files.


Version 3.0

  • Library Visual Enhancements 
  • The main tint color of the app has been changed from blue to brown.
  • Folders can be created in the Library.
  • Book covers are displayed in the Library.
  • Tools are listed under a Tools heading in the Library.
  • Recent Modules are located at the top of the Library for immediate access.
  • Library Module Organization 
  • Module sizes are displayed when editing in the Library.
  • Multiple items can be selected when editing in the Library, with "Move" and "Delete" support.
  • Folders can be renamed, and folder icons can be changed.
  • Items in a Library folder can be sorted alphabetically.
  • Dividers can be added to the Library and Module List views.
  • Library structure is preserved when syncing with desktop versions of Accordance.
  • Table of Contents (TOC) Enhancements
  • A GoTo button has been added to the Tool TOC.
  • TOC searching enhancements:
  • Search results are recursive for the chosen portion of the tool.
  • Searches find and highlight any portion of the article name
  • Highlight Styles Management
  • Highlight styles can be created, reordered, and deleted.
  • Each part of a highlight style can be edited.
  • Easy Install/Updates Enhancements
  • The navigation bar is visible at the bottom of the screen while searching.
  • The "Download All" button is now a "Select All" button.
  • Support for Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Addition of keyboard shortcuts for iPads with an external keyboard.
  • A list of available keyboard shortcuts is accessed by holding down the Command key ().
  • Customizable Search Ranges
  • Search Ranges can be created, reordered, and deleted.
  • Added the ability to select a default Search Range.

Additional Changes

  • Added a feature to disable Auto-Lock.
  • References can be omitted from a Text view.
  • Bookmarks can be synced with desktop versions of Accordance via Dropbox.
  • When viewing a Text, Tool, or User Note, tapping the top title will display the module selector.
  • Custom text and background colors support.